WiSuite Takes Bite Out of Big Apple Hotel’s Heating and Cooling Costs

New York, NY. – WiSuite, a leading provider of guest room energy management systems for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has completed implementation of its WiSuite Intelligent Network (WIN) in all 189 rooms of the Marriott’s Courtyard New York Manhattan/Fifth Avenue property. WiSuite delivers bottom line control, helping property managers directly eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling costs.

WiSuite’s technology helps hoteliers capture energy cost savings by monitoring guest room occupancy in real time. The implementation delivers improvements to Marriott’s Courtyard New York Manhattan/
Fifth Avenue property financials, environmental sustainability and guest comfort. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates annual energy costs to be $2,196 per room across the country’s 47,000 hotel properties; that’s 6 percent of a property’s operating costs. In a high-cost energy market such as New York City, energy costs claim an even larger share of profits. WIN’s real-time property management interface connects with any hotel’s property management system, empowering hotel management to automatically reduce energy consumption in vacant rooms.

“Marriott understands that conservation and community sustainability is more than a moral imperative; it also makes good business sense,” noted John Gallant, CEO of WiSuite USA. “Smart, socially responsible policies reward Marriott with customer preference and loyalty from the next generation travelers and workforce and its continuing efforts to innovate for more resource-efficient hotels should be applauded by guests and industry alike.”

Vacant rooms aren’t the only place where hotels can save. Vacancy rates vary by hotel, but industry data show that 50-70 percent of booked rooms are unoccupied during daytime hours. On a room-to-room level,
dynamic links between the WiStat-SS Smart Screen thermostats and property HVACs help property engineers to extract additional savings from booked, but unoccupied, rooms in a manner transparent to guests.

Realizing this cost saving potential is another reason why customers who install WiSuite’s WIN reap returns on investment in fewer than three years, on average. Additionally, hotels that promote the sustainability benefits of these energy conservation practices can benefit from greater guest satisfaction and customer loyalty.

WiSuite, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, is a leading American manufacturer of advanced software-based energy management solutions and in-room controls for the lodging, healthcare, and educational customers throughout the world. WiSuite’s Intelligent Network, along with the WiStat-SS product line, provides comprehensive savings, management and reporting of a building’s energy consumption. Its lodging customers include leading global brands ranging from mid-scale hotels to five-star luxury properties, including Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, casinos and many others.

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