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Delight Your Guests And Cut Your HVAC Energy Spend.

The Best Hotel Brands in the World Trust WiSuite Hotel Energy Management

Hotel energy management is more than thermostats with an occupancy sensor.

Today, successful hotels run a network of smart thermostats that synchronize guest comfort with check-in events and HVAC operation – that’s hotel energy management.

WiSuite delivers “save your rating” guest room comfort that also calibrates property HVAC systems to work at peak efficiency.

With proactive, need-driven maintenance alerts, WiSuite can extend the useful life of some HVAC assets by more than 50%.

The average hotel can save 35% on their guest room energy spend.

Our Thermostat
Your new turn-down service

Delighting Guests From When They First Check-In

Control. It starts with our guest-friendly thermostat.
The WiSuite thermostat installs quickly with no revenue disruption; our simple, attractive design blends discretely into every décor.


  • A colorful touch-screen that also displays up-to-the minute local weather.
  • Networked by wireless mesh to our cloud control dashboard, engineering teams can resolve or adjust guest-room climate settings from any secure browser.
  • Always on and connected, WiSuite captures data in real-time to feed analytics, alerts, and usage reporting; driving a continuous cycle of energy savings and sustainability.

Did You Know?

Focus your Conditioning Efforts on Occupied Rooms

Over 40% of energy used for heating and cooling is wasted on rooms that are vacant over half the average day.

Decrease Energy Costs

America’s hotels spend almost $2,200 in energy costs per available room each year.

No Surprises. Better Scores. Remote Control

WiSuite helps engineering teams run better.

WiSuite helps engineering teams manage, troubleshoot and maintain property-wide HVAC systems from one central dashboard.

Our customers achieve engineering team efficiency and improved guest satisfaction because they have..

  • The ability to set engineering alert thresholds based upon real-time room conditions.
  • Access to an online engineering control panel to manage in-room and common space climate by tapping into WiSuite’s Smart Thermostat and in-room motion detection.
  • Full access to room-by-room HVAC maintenance needs based on tracked unit run-time
  • The capability to set rooms into VIP mode, adjust settings in multiple building climate zones

WiSuite increases guest satisfaction and extends the useful life of HVAC assets. Proactive alerts and maintenance schedules enable engineering staff to to stay ahead of HVAC issues before they ever surface as complaints.

Hotel Energy Management Performance

Energy savings that go beyond just a room.

Operating the WiSuite thermostat is intuitive – studies show that both guests and engineering staff find its touch screen very easy to use.  Also, to help brand recall, every thermostat is displays your property brand in high resolution.

WiSuite’s network solution also provides monitoring, control and analytics services including:

  • The web-based remote control of individual room HVAC settings via secure cloud connection
  • Resolving in-room and property-wide climate issues without ever entering a guest room
  • Scheduling and ad-hoc engineering reporting from the WiSuite cloud dashboard
  • Property management software integration, enabling active occupancy-based energy management


What they’re saying about WiSuite

“The WiSuite system has helped with minimizing electric usage a great deal. Our property selected WiSuite’s wireless thermostat – this gave us the ability to relocate the stat away from the fan coil to maximize guest comfort and provide a more consistent room temperature. Another benefit is that I can change room settings without even having to go into the guest room through a secure web portal whether on my smart phone or computer. WiSuite’s software also gives me the option to refresh our vacant rooms to keep humidity at manageable levels. The reporting and preventative maintenance features have been very dependable. This system is the best that I have used in my career and if I had to do the whole project over again I would go back with WiSuite.”

John TisonDirector of Engineering - Hilton University of Florida Conference Center GainesvilleCase Study

“WiSuite has exceeded my expectations across the board. The installation of WiSuite was completed efficiently, professionally and ahead of schedule. I am impressed not only with the system reliability, but the consistent reduction of energy usage and best of all – our savings grow everyday. I highly recommend WiSuite and their dedicated team to anyone needing a guest room energy management system.”

David FiferSenior Director of Engineering - Hyatt Regency New Orleans

“The Palazzo Las Vegas made history in 2008 as the world’s largest LEED certified building. WiSuite’s energy management solution continues to be a valued partner in our global sustainability efforts. The reporting capability of the software along with the energy savings have been impressive.”

Steve BurgerPalazzo Tower Supervisor-The Venetian | The Palazzo

“From energy savings through excellent customer support, the WiSuite product was a simple and successful addition, providing increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and ease of maintenance that has positively effected our hotels operations.”

Jamie BolducGeneral Manager - Four Points by Sheraton Halifax, NS

“We chose WiSuite because it was retro-fit friendly and supported multiple buildings from a single interface. There were no communication wires required and the web based control center gives us a single point of control, monitoring and alerts in both our hotels. WiSuite’s follow-up service has been exceptional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their product.”

Scott BrunsProperty Services Technical Supervisor - The Cove Asheville, NC

“Fern Resort is a family owned and operated year round vacation destination. When looking into energy management systems we estimated a 60% coverage of only key main buildings due to limits of the traditional wired and Wi-Fi technologies. The geographical challenges of the property, a wide area with a number of buildings through out, was perfect for WiSuite’s ZigBee mesh technology. This system has been able to give us the ability to monitor and save energy to 100% of our public buildings.”

Mark DowningOwner of Fern ResortCase Study


Making Green part of each guest’s stay

A property-wide WiSuite installation has a minimal energy footprint. In addition to auto-setting guest rooms to energy-savings mode at checkout, WiSuite’s platform generates useful property and room alerts analytics.

  • WiSuite captures guest energy preference to help you each room for maximum comfort.
  • WiSuite’s building management system integration enables it to flag problems before they impact boiler and chiller investment via SMS and email.
  • WiSuite’s analytics arm engineering teams with the data they need to proactively schedule room maintenance, filter changes and PTAC replacements.



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