Hilton University of Florida Conference Center Gainesville

All 252 guest rooms at the Hilton University of Florida were installed in only nine days at an average of 30 minutes per room. This resulted in zero down time for the hotel and no interruption of guest comfort or convenience.

Property: Hilton University of Florida Conference Center Gainesville
Property Size (Rooms): 252 guestrooms
Project Description: To ensure the customer was comfortable with the WiSuite process and to establish a consumption baseline for the hotel, WiSuite installed an eight room pilot study to gather data and prove the savings potential. In four of these rooms, WiSuite installed new HVAC controls, while the other four were left to operate in their current state.Revenue grade submeters were installed in all eight rooms to track actual energy consumption in real-time. Additionally, these rooms were integrated into the hotel’s property management system (PMS) to automate the check-in and check out status of the rooms. When a guest checked-in, the rooms were automatically set to the hotel’s comfort standard of 72 degrees, and upon check out, the rooms were automatically set back to a heating set-point of 64 degrees and a cooling set-point of 78 degrees.
Triple Bottom Line
Energy Savings 12% overall kWh reduction
Dollar Savings $6223.32 average monthly savings
Environmental Responsibility The WiSuite system creates a green road map for your property, that today’s corporate clients have come to expect out of big business. And, while your facility’s carbon footprint gets smaller, the sustainability of your business grows when you install WiSuite.

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