The Fern Resort

Fern Resort is a privately owned vacation resort destination located on the shores of Lake Couchaching in Ontario, Canada. The owners approached WiSuite looking for a way to remotely control their variety of HVAC devices in the numerous buildings throughout the property. Along with controlling energy costs, a major objective was to gain remote HVAC control of outlying buildings with low occupancy during off-peak seasons.

Property: The Fern resort
Property Size (Rooms): 103 guestrooms
Project Description: WiSuite wirelessly linked all HVAC equipment at the property with the installation of WiSuite’s (WIN) wireless intelligent network. The WIN platform gave management and engineering the visibility they were missing to provide real-time remote HVAC monitoring and control that is enhancing their quests experience while reducing the properties environmental carbon footprint. Fern Resort was able to immediately realize a 35% savings on their HVAC utility costs, enabling them to hit their ROI in under 2 years. The WiSuite EMS has continued to deliver savings at or above these levels over the subsequent months and years of deployment. This has allowed Fern Resort to achieve significant utility savings, while simultaneously enhancing guest comfort and to strengthening their corporate Green Initiatives.
Total Savings 35% overall savings on HVAC utility costs
Environmental Responsibility The WiSuite system creates a green road map for your property, that today’s corporate clients have come to expect out of big business. And, while your facility’s carbon footprint gets smaller, the sustainability of your business grows when you install WiSuite.