Redesigned Downtown Hotel Goes Live with WiSuite™ Hotel Energy Management

PORTLAND, OR May 1, 2018 — The Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront introduced a new approach to energy management; maintaining the highest standards of guest room comfort while meeting ambitious efficiency and sustainability goals. To drive this project, they adopted WiSuite’s Hotel Energy Management solution.

WiSuite’s installation at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront includes 512 touchscreen-enabled WiStat-SS smart thermostats enabled by the WiSuite Intelligent Network and integrated to the hotel’s property management system.

The WiSuite Intelligent Network provides the Portland Marriott Downtown’s engineering staff unparalleled HVAC visibility and management capabilities. Staff can now remotely monitor and manage guest room equipment property-wide, execute on energy efficiency strategies, and maintain guest comfort levels – all from one dashboard.

Tailored guest room comfort strategies

WiSuite collaborated with the Marriott’s engineering team to define detailed guest comfort templates; optimizing HVAC operations for building-specific characteristics, such as sun load or larger suites with multiple units. Now up and running, these seasonal and room-appropriate guest comfort strategies are helping the team in Portland ensure the high levels of satisfaction their guests have come to expect.

Improving HVAC system management

The WiSuite platform is improving HVAC equipment management – it continuously tracks, analyzes and adapts to in-room conditions. The system generates alerts when HVAC units fail to meet guest demand, enabling the engineering staff to resolve issues before guests are ever even aware of an issue. In addition to proactively deploying staff for preventative maintenance tasks, WiSuite is extending the life of HVAC assets and maximizing staff responsiveness.

“Helping our clients hit profitable hotel energy management targets while enhancing their guests’ comfort is core to WiSuite’s mission,” said John Gallant, WiSuite CEO. “Ensuring our customers achieve rapid time-to-benefit is a priority. That’s why I’m especially proud of our project team, which brought the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront online with the WiSuite solution in near record time.”

About WiSuite

WiSuite is a leading provider of advanced hotel energy management software, services and equipment. The WiSuite Intelligent Network (WIN) and WiStat-SS line of smart thermostats provide comprehensive energy consumption savings, management and reporting. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, WiSuite proudly serves leading hospitality brands worldwide, including Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. For more information on how your hotel group can build an easy to use hotel energy management program, visit

About the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

The Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront is located Portland, Oregon’s vibrant downtown. This newly updated hotel lets visitors experience this unique Pacific Northwest city’s energy and style. With more than 500 spacious guest rooms and suites offering spectacular views of downtown Portland and upscale meeting facilities, the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront draws leisure and business travelers from all over the globe.

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