The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Uses WiSuite™ Hotel Energy Management

to Power Energy Savings Guest Satisfaction

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. June 10, 2017 – Located in a region known for beautiful summers and challenging winters, the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis is now running a hotel energy management system optimized for its year-round needs, thanks to WiSuite. This innovative solution enables the hotel’s management team to achieve their energy savings goals and meet the high standards their guests have come to expect.

The WiSuite footprint at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis includes 645 touchscreen WiStat-SS smart thermostats installed in every guest room – all connected to the hotel’s property management system (PMS) via the WiSuite Intelligent Network (WIN). As a guest checks in, WiSuite immediately switches the rooms from energy savings to a predefined comfort mode.

With WiSuite, a real-time HVAC performance dashboard helps the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis monitor and control guest room operations, identify preventative maintenance opportunities and extend the useful life of their HVAC assets.

Tailored guest comfort strategies

WiSuite collaborated with the team at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis to define seasonal guest comfort templates, optimizing HVAC performance based upon building characteristics. Factors defining these templates include sun load, floor-by-floor room configurations, and equipment profiles based on past performance.  These templates help this iconic property maintain its high levels of guest satisfaction.

WiSuite also helps accelerate response to in-room equipment issues. The platform generates demand warning alerts when any HVAC unit fails to meet guest requests, enabling the Hyatt Regency’s engineering team to proactively resolve the issue before a guest ever detect it. These features, combined with the thermostat’s in-room engineering controls, contribute to WiSuite’s low total cost of ownership and ROI.

“Visibility and control of our guest room HVAC environment is mission critical for us.  The success we’ve achieved with WiSuite is a direct result of the partnership they’ve consistently worked to build with us,” according to Wes Olson, Director of Engineering at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.

“Helping our clients achieve their hotel energy management targets profitably without compromising guest comfort is the reason we’re in business,” said WiSuite CEO John Gallant, “To have a property as well-known and respected as the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis select WiSuite is another wonderful validation of our mission, technology and team.”